Toilet Cleaning 101

Tenant email:

“I noticed recently there’s been a lot of black specks floating around my toilet bowl. I didn’t notice it often when we first moved in but it seems to have increased, so I looked in the bowl/tank when I was cleaning it today and I think it may be moldy….”

The long and the short of this is that it is normal toilet ring build up! Luckily, this can be taken care of with regular cleaning.

For an easy remedy, follow these steps:

1. Use toilet cleaner, such as Clorox, specific for toilet bowls.

2. Turn the toilet water off at the isolation valve before cleaning, and flush until the tank is empty.

3. Squeeze the toilet bowl cleaner up under the rim, so that it coats the area completely with the cleaner. It will slowly run down into the bowl or bottom, coating the bowl. Let soak for approximately 15 minutes.

4. Use a toilet brush to scrub up under the rim and around the bowl.

5. For any stubborn spots, use a pumice stone, sold at most retailers in the toilet cleaning isle, to clean those resistant spots. This is only needed if cleanings are missed.

6. When complete, turn the valve back on, fill the tank with water and flush.

7. Clean the bowl and rim at least one more time.  If there is quite a bit of build up, it may need cleaning one or two extra times until residue is removed.

8. If worried about the tank,  get a tank cleaner.  Should not have to worry much about this if toilet is cleaned at least once per week.

Enjoy your clean toilet!

Repeat steps 1-2 times/week for best results