About Us

About Us

Managing Your Investment

As an Owner of income property, you know just what it takes to maintain the bottom line. It’s not just getting it rented but keeping it rented while making sure it is maintained. Sometimes this is quite a chore to do on your own. With in-house inspectors and scheduled property reviews for reporting signs of damage and vandalism, the team at Crown Realty maintains hands-on control to stop damage before it gets out-of-hand.
Your investment may be large or small however, it is YOUR investment. Crown Realty views your investment as if it was their own and are committed to keeping it profitable. The team at Crown Realty focuses on five main areas in Property Management.

  • Tenant Acquisition
  • Quality Tenants Property Maintenance
  • Accountability
  • Property Acquisition & Liquidation
  • Access

Tenant Acquisition
Tenants are the income generators of any rental investment property. Crown Realty acquires tenants from many sources.
Newspaper Advertising includesthe local Wyoming Tribune newspapers, Traders and the Sentinel. Crown Realty will advertise your rental property within their own reserved space in order to keep the advertising cost down for owners.
Yard Signage- Crown Realty will place a “For Rent” sign on your property and provide informational flyers for those who drive by.
Web Page- Crown Realty will advertise your property on our own Rental Web Site in full color with relevant information, at no charge to you.
Free Rental List- Crown Realty provides free rental lists inside and outside the office; complete with rental information and maps for convenience.
Referrals- Crown Realty will gladly pay referral fees to other offices that refer tenants who sign lease contracts with our office.

Quality Tenants
All Tenants must complete our Comprehensive Tenant Application and are personally screened by our Property Managers. Tenant information is analyzed through the following resources:
Financial Credit Checks- Crown Realty will obtain a credit check from one of the Federal Credit Reporting Agencies. These reports will be reviewed in detail by our Property Managers.
Employment- Crown Realty requires a two year employment history and will verify employment and income.
Previous Landlords- Crown Realty will verify and strictly
review all rental history for two years prior.
Personal References- Crown Realty will check the personal references provided by prospective tenants for character verification.

Property Maintenance
Maintaining your property is our main concern. Keeping up with maintenance, keeps costly repairs to a minimum.

Licensed, Insured & Bonded Contractors- Crown Realty uses contractors who have the knowledge, skill, and licensed requirements for the job at hand. Since not all jobs require a licensed contractor, Crown Realty will use licensed and insured handymen to keep the costs down while maintaining quality workmanship.
Multiple Bids-We will obtain multiple bids for all large projects or repairs for your convenience. All bids will be presented and decided upon by you.
No Billing Add-Ons- Crown Realty does not charge any additional fee on invoices received from their contractors.
Inspections- Crown Realty completes inspections of your rental property on a monthly basis (exterior) and bi-annual (interior) inspections to assure the property is being properly maintained. Inspections of repairs will also be completed to ensure the contracted work has been completed satisfactorily. If Tenant damaged, they will be billed.

Crown Realty, is accountable to you for your investment and its maintenance and has the ability to inform you of your financial status in a timely manner.
Easy to Read Owner Statements- Crown Realty provides a monthly easy to read report that shows your property status at a glance.
Monthly and Year End Balances- Crown Realty will print you month-to-month and yearly statements. Crown Realty will also provide all owners and vendors with 1099s at the end of the year. Other reports can be obtained by request.
Detailed Reports & Documents necessary for tax preparation for your accountant can be provided through Crown Realtys’ accountant friendly reporting program.
Bills paid in a timely manner with accounting shown on your statement. Crown Realty will pay all invoices and send copies of all payments and receipts with your monthly statement.
Direct Deposit – Crown Realty has direct deposit capabilities. We will direct deposit your proceeds into the bank account of your choice.

Property Acquisition & Liquidation
From time-to-time you may find yourself in a financial or tax situation that requires the purchase or sale of a property. Crown Realty is a full service real estate company with a complete sales staff. All of our agents are trained in exchanges and investment property acquisitions. While you have a choice to select any real estate company you prefer, Crown Realty provides value by reducing your costs.


When our Owners/Tenants need us, we are available 24/7.